Site Remediation Program

In the state of Illinois, the voluntary Site Remediation Program (SRP) is available for property owners seeking to perform investigative or remedial activities for impacted properties.  The intent of the SRP is to eliminate environmental liabilities for current and/or future owners, and their lenders, of contaminated properties by issuance of a No Further Remediation letter (NFR letter).  The SRP provides the necessary degree of IEPA oversight to ensure the participant has proven an adequate remedial action.  The term remedial action does not necessarily mean that all contaminants have been removed from the property.  There are more cost effective, alternative remedial actions one can employ to prevent human exposure to contaminants, such as covering the contaminated area(s) of the property with asphalt or concrete to prevent ingestion or inhalation of contaminants, and restricting groundwater use as a potable water source preventing ingestion of contaminated groundwater.  This type of remedial action is considered an engineering barrier with an institutional control eliminating groundwater use.  Once the IEPA has reviewed the site investigation report and the proposed remedial action(s), the SRP will issue an NFR letter that is required to be registered with the County Recorder of Deeds so it forms a permanent part of the chain of title and thereby notifies future owners of the terms of the NFR letter (e.g., engineering barrier must remain in place) to ensure protection of human health and the environment.