Lara M. Crawford

Areas of Expertise

  • Phase I Environmental Property Assessments
  • Mini-Phase I Environmental Property Investigations
  • Transaction Screen Property Assessments
  • Limited Environmental Assessments
  • Record Search with Risk Assessments/Report Reviews
  • Asbestos Inspection and Assessment

Professional Registrations & Certifications

  • Asbestos Operations and Maintenance #OM0605171326
  • Licensed Asbestos Inspector, State of Illinois Department of Health License #: 13880


  • UCLA, Los Angeles, California, Public Policy
  • Illinois State University, Normal, Illinois

Professional Experience

EPS Environmental Services, Inc.
February 2007- Present
Project Manager

Performs or supervises Phase I Environmental Assessments, Environmental Transaction Screen Assessments, Mini-Phase I Environmental Assessments, Limited Environmental Assessments. Conduct asbestos sampling and assessments.


CenterPoint Properties Trust
April 2000 – October 2006
Environmental Coordinator

Manage and/or oversight Phase I and Phase II Environmental Assessments, UST removals/abandoment and Site Remediation Projects. Conduct environmental risk management review with various acquisitions and dispositions to include insurance requirements, asbestos removal, O&M Plans and additional environmental business risks. Collaborate with tenants throughout the leasing process concerning environmental regulations, practices and procedure.

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