Carol Stream

admin Carol Stream, Illinois, SRP

Contaminants associated with dry cleaning solvents (e.g. chlorinated solvents) were present in Site soil and groundwater above the Illinois Administrative Code (IAC) Part 742, titled “Tiered Approach to Corrective Action Objectives” (TACO) Tier 1 soil remediation objectives (SROs) and groundwater remediation objectives (GROs) for industrial/commercial land use and Class I Groundwater. This site was located within 200 feet of four …


admin Broadview, Illinois, SRP

This site was enrolled in to the SRP to address releases of petroleum and hazardous material from USTs and ASTs; releases of hazardous materials used in plant operations; releases of petroleum and hazardous material from filling lines in the chemical mixing room; and a reported release on the south adjacent site. Several USTs were either abandoned and/or removed from the …

St. Charles

admin Illinois, Phase I, St. Charles

This Property is occupied by an automobile dealership. Historically, a portion of the Property was occupied by metal stamping facility. RECs identified included abandoned USTs, suspect USTs (vent/fill pipe observed) and in-ground hydraulic automobile lifts (HALs). Historical recognized environmental conditions (HRECs) identified included a recorded Leaking Underground Storage Tank (LUST) incident to the north portion of the Property and a …

Bedford Park

admin Bedford Park, Illinois, Phase I

` This is a multi-tenant light industrial/commercial building utilized for auto repair, plastics reclamation and general warehousing that has a long history of industrial use dating back to the 1930s. Recognized environmental conditions (RECs) identified included historical operations (manufacturing), suspect out-of-service Underground Storage Tanks (USTs) (e.g. retainer clip, suspect pump island, vent pipes, concrete patched areas) and fill material on …

Highland Park

admin Highland Park, Illinois, LUST

This site is a gasoline station with five (5) removed petroleum USTs. During the UST excavation, petroleum releases were identified and sampling results identified soil and groundwater contamination above the most stringent regulatory objectives. The contamination was delineated (on and off the Property), soil excavated and transported off-site for disposal and the NFR letter allowed for contamination to remain place …


admin Chicago, Illinois, LUST

This site is occupied by a multi-tenant commercial building. EPS removed a 500-gallon out-of-service UST, discovered there was release and enrolled the Property into the IEPA LUST program. Soil and groundwater testing were conducted along with soil removal as a part of the remediation process. Shortly after, the Property was issued a NFR letter.